Animal of the Month – The Falcated Duck

The Falcated Duck is a beautiful duck that used to be called Falcated Teal. The male has a shiny green and copper/brown head and a brown and white body. It is about the size of a Gadwall Duck and American Widgeon. The female is mostly brown with some gray/blue feathers on the wings. Naturally, itContinue reading “Animal of the Month – The Falcated Duck”

Animal of the Month – American Dorper Sheep

The American Dorper sheep is a hair breed that originated in South Africa about 1946 (when the breed was finalized). Blackheaded Persian Ewes were bred with Dorset Horn rams and, over time, the result was a hardy meat sheep that shed hair rather than wool that needed to be shorn. The meat from the DorperContinue reading “Animal of the Month – American Dorper Sheep”

The Ins, Outs, and Whys of Menu Planning

I wish I had thought about meal planning when we first started a family. I think it would have made things easier as our family began to grow larger. By the time I had our daughter (baby number 5), I finally figured out that having a plan was the way to begin to simplify homeContinue reading “The Ins, Outs, and Whys of Menu Planning”

Animal of the Month – Ringed Teal Duck

The Ringed Teal is a fairly small duck as are most of the ducks in the Teal family. When in full color, the males have a pinkish breast that is spotted with black. The back is a chestnut color that is truly striking. The flight feathers have a bright patch that is a nice shadeContinue reading “Animal of the Month – Ringed Teal Duck”

Animal of the Month – Golden Pheasant

The Golden Pheasant is often called Chinese Pheasant because of its origins in China. This stunning bird is native to central and southern China. It thrives in areas of the dense cover that forests and mountains provide. In the wild, the birds eat an omnivore diet consisting of insects and grubs, as well as bambooContinue reading “Animal of the Month – Golden Pheasant”

Is There a Wrong Way to Compost?

Most gardeners, whether they be new to the hobby (or profession) or not have heard of composting and the many wonderful benefits of it. What I’ve found in researching the topic is that there are so many different styles and methods of composting that to decide which is the best can be slightly overwhelming. It’sContinue reading “Is There a Wrong Way to Compost?”

Reasons to Mulch Your Garden

Are you like so many other people all over the United States and other countries who are planting gardens like never before? If so, you might want to consider mulching this summer. Ruth Stout, a pioneer in garden mulching and no-dig gardening, ranted and raved on this method of keeping weeds down and produce yieldsContinue reading “Reasons to Mulch Your Garden”

The New Victory Garden

We’ve all seen and heard enough of the COVID-19 stuff these days, and I’m not here to follow that thread. However, I do live in Michigan where we have had some of the toughest restrictions since late February and continuing to the present. Our governor has placed restriction upon restriction and she has ordered moreContinue reading “The New Victory Garden”

Where There's a Will, There's a Way (when your greenhouse is not completely built and you need to start your plants)

We have cats in the house, two to be exact. The cats are the whole reason we finally bit the bullet and purchased a greenhouse kit this year. Every year that I have started plants in the house, I have watched the cats completely devour them just about the time they were ready to transplantContinue reading “Where There's a Will, There's a Way (when your greenhouse is not completely built and you need to start your plants)”


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